Take Down Tool for Kimber Pro and Compact Platform Retrofitted with WC-651 (Mirror Finish)

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  • Allows easy capture of the take down hole.
  • Aligns the take down notch.
  • Allows both hands free for removing and replacing the slide stop pin.
  • CNC machined brass with full polish.

The Wilson Combat 651 flat wire guide rod assembly is a popular replacement for the Kimber OEM guide rod assembly.

While the Wilson Combat 651 does not require a take down tool, without this tool, it  requires holding the slide against spring pressure to remove or replace the slide stop pin.

Simplifies take down by capturing spring pressure and aligning the take down notch.

Comes with owner's manual, storage tube shown and extra 010 size o-ring.

With the slide locked back, the capture is squeezed and the tool slipped onto the quide rod until it bottoms out. Tool is then rotated until the wire capture engages the take down hole in the guide rod.

Tool is CNC machined from solid brass and fully polished.
Wire capture is made of stainless steel spring wire and capture end is polished to provide hang free engagement and disengagement of the take down hole.

This tool was first introduced in 2013 and only available by special request until now.
The following video was made back in April of 2013 and the tool shown in the video is an earlier version of the tool but operation is the same.