Take Down Tool for Springfield - 1911 4" Barrel Platform (Flat Wire Spring Assembly) - EMP, Champion and Operator (Machined Brass)

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  • Fits Springfield 4 inch barrel EMP, Champion and Operator models using flat wire spring assembly.
  • Tool showing is made of CNC machined brass and tumble finished.

Springfield’s 4 inch barrel platform uses a flat wire spring assembly in contrast to the double recoil spring assembly used in the 3 inch EMP models.

Flat wire spring assemblies use a smaller diameter guide rod then do round wire versions and unlike double spring assemblies , flat wire spring assemblies have nowhere to hold a tool except the factory supplied hole for a paper clip or factory supplied wire tool.

Our tool takes advantage of the factory take down hole, but precisely and easily aligns the wire in the hole.

Squeeze the wire capture between thumb and forefinger, place the tool on the guide rod until it bottoms out and rotate until the wire capture catches the hole.

The wire capture consists of 304 stainless spring wire and polished where the wire contacts the guide rod.

This makes for a shear resistant wire capture that holds its shape, won't rust and won't scratch the guide rod.

Knurling on the end aids in easy gripping of the tool.