In these uncertain times...
I have changed up my buisness model to addapt to COVID-19.

Most tools continue to be available.
However some changes are necessary.
Some previously availiable tools have been removed.
This is due to them being slow movers or require special tooling setups that slow production of other tools.

This site has inventory tracking.
If an item runs out, it cannot be added to the cart for purchase.
Much of the time, the tools have been machined, but lack finishing and packaging.
In cases where the tool is close to being finished, typically it is a couple of days away from being available for purchase.

Please use the "Notify" link on a tool's detail page to be notified of availability.
(I use this information to help determine priority.)

Support, returns and warranty are unaffected and available.
Please keep your owner's manual for contact information.

Please contact me if needed.