Take Down Tool for Kimber's KDS9c

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Custom fit take down tool for Kimber's KDS9c.
Designed specifically for the Kimber KDS9c and works identical on all KDS9c models.

Captures spring and aligns the take down notch, allowing both hands free to remove and replace the slide stop.

(Allows disassembly and reassembly without need to hold the slide against spring pressure.)

Kimber's KDS9c uses a flat wire 3/4 length guide rod that is shorter than most found in 1911s. This results in my UPT-FW tool being incompatible with the KDS9c.
(The UPT-FW is my Universal Pro Tool for 1911 Flat Wire guide rods)

This tool includes a link alignment tool to align the link perfectly before inserting the slide stop pin. 
The KDS9c has a flush fit slide stop pin, which is not as forgiving as a rounded pin about the link being a little out of alignment with hole in frame 

Also included is an anti-roll storage tube that's easy to spot on the bench or in a range bag.