About Us

In 2008 my uncle Richard purchased his first 1911 Kimber Ultra.
After only a few field strips, he became somewhat disenchanted with his new purchase.
Being an engineer by trade, and of the kind that could build most anything he could design, he designed a tool to replace the infamous paper clip style field stripping tool.

He filed for utility patent on his tool Apr. 15, 2009, registered the 1911UltraTool.com domain name and put up a simple web site.
On May 15, 2009 he sold the first tool for the Kimber Ultra with expectations of selling 25 or less tools a month.
Each and every tool he made was hand machined on a manually operated Bridgeport mill.  The only method of payment offered was send me a check and I will send you a tool.

What soon followed was the realization that a tool of this type was far more in demand than expected and not limited to just the Kimber Ultra alone.
Various requests for tools to fit other 1911 models soon followed and he continued to innovate solutions for the Kimber Pro and Compact, Springfield EMP, Micro Compact, Colt Defender and New Agent to name a few.

In 2010 he purchased the first CNC milling machine to keep up with production.
My limited involvement to this point was helping him with his website and implementing PayPal as a payment option.

April 2011 my uncle began chemo and radiation treatments for esophageal cancer with a 25% chance of survival.

He continued making and selling his tools up through May 2011 when he approached me about buying 1911 Ultra Tool.

After much prayer I took my uncle up on his offer and in mid June 2011 took over 1911 Ultra Tool and it's operations.

For the most part, same as my uncle I make every tool sold.
6 CNC machines are now utilized for production.

My uncle kept himself available, providing valuable engineering skills, machining and firearms experience.
(Firearms experience spanning 60 years)
Sadly he passed late 2016 from his cancer.

1911 Ultra Tool remains a small company and operates with that mind set.
This company and the tools we make would not exist apart from the internet being our store front.

Main help here consists of my ex-son-in-law (Cody) and his wife (Christie).
Cody is a disabled combat vet and can only volunteer here at the shop helping his wife Christie.
Though he does allot as pain and doctors permit.
Cody served 10 yrs US Army and did tours in Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.
IED in Afghanistan ended his Army carrier.

Same as my uncle I continue to innovate solutions and improvements as opportunity and time allow.

A tradition I work very hard to encourage and foster in all those involved in this endeavor.