1911 Bushing Wrench with 40 Caliber / 10mm Barrel Rod

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Simplifies take down of bushing barrel 1911s.

Fits government and commander 1911s.
Included barrel rod for 40 cal and 10mm.
Storage bag and user manual included.
Lifetime warranty. (Designed for the 1911 gun smith and continual use.)

Advantages over a standard bushing wrench.

  • Depresses spring plug below bushing, providing clearance between spring plug face and bushing, minimizing damage of spring plug face.
  • Palm wrench provides more control and requires less effort to turn bushing.
    (Turning and compression efforts are naturally over the center of barrel reducing effort needed.)
  • Less effort needed to compress spring plug.
  • Spring plug is captured during removal and replacement. (No more flying spring plug)
  • Barrel rod provides precise control during spring plug removal and replacement.
  • Bushing is visible during use, providing position feedback.
  • Hardwood handle feels natural in hand and provides positive grip.