1911 Universal Pro Tool for Bull Barrel Flat Wire Spring Guide Rod

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Simplifies take down of many makes and models of 1911 having a full length or 3/4 length Flat-Wire spring recoil system.

The Flat-Wire spring is becoming ever more popular with manufactures of the 1911.
Long spring life and softer recoil are a couple of the reasons.
However the Flat-Wire is a single spring system using a take down hole for a wire tool or paper clip. Many of these take down holes are not positioned to relieve all spring pressure and can require holding the slide against spring pressure to remove and replace the slide stop for take down.

Our Flat-Wire Universal Pro Tool eliminates the need for a wire tool or paper clip,  providing a simpler take down solution and is long enough to relieve all spring pressure allowing the slide to be easily moved to align the take down notch, keeping both hands free during removal and replacement of the slide stop.

It is limited to at least 1.3 Inches of guide rod being exposed in front of the slide's spring plug. However any 1911 using the Flat-Wire spring assembly and meeting the 1.3" requirement will benefit using this tool.

  • Simply lock back the slide, slip the tool completely onto the guide rod.
  • Release the slide under control.
  • If needed, align the take down notch by moving the slide forward.
  • Remove the slide stop.
  • After reassembly, simply lock back the slide and slip the tool off the guide rod.

Tool comes complete with storage tube, owner's manual and gauge wire. (See pictures provided)