Take Down Tool for Kimber's 1911 Pro and Compact Platform (Mirror Finish)

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Notice This is a custom fit tool for Kimber's Pro and Compact platform. If the word "Pro" or "Compact" does not appear in the model name stamped on the right hand side of your Kimber's slide, the tool will not work on your Kimber.
If the word "Ultra" appears in the model name you will find the tool here.


  • Fits Kimber models were the word "Pro" or "Compact" appears in the model name stamped on the right side of the slide
  • Used instead of the factory wire tool or paper clip.
  • Aligns disassembly notch perfectly.
  • Easy to insert and remove and does not use or require a modified spring rod.
  • Polished brass finish.

With slide locked back, tool is slipped over end of spring rod.
The slide is released and the firearm is ready for dis-assembly.
After re-assembly and with the slide locked back the tool is simply slipped off the end of the spring rod.

Tool uses the spring rod's own spring tension to engage a locking ring containing 12 specially treated stainless steel balls that brake on the spring rod and prevent the tool from moving.
Whenever spring pressure is not present such as when the slide is in the lock back position, the locking ring free floats and no braking pressure is being applied.

Tool requires being kept grit free and an occasional drop of oil placed on the brake balls to keep them moving freely. Tool comes with storage tube, and a 30 caliber Swab-Its to prevent grit from accumulating inside tool and to absorb excess oil.
Tool can be rinsed in bore solvent, alcohol or paint thinners should heavy cleaning ever be needed.

Tool is CNC machined brass and polished to mirror finish with brushed locking ring.

If the Kimber model name stamped on the right side of the slide contains the word "Pro" or "Compact" this tool fits.
If the model name contains the word "Ultra" this tool will not work. Kimber Ultra models require our KU-2020 tool.