Take Down Tool for Colt Armory 3" Barrel 1911 Defender and New Agent Platform (Machined Brass)

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  • Custom fit tool for the Colt Defender and New Agent models.
  • Fits all Colt 3" barrel 1911 Defender and New Agent models.
  • Greatly simplifies take down and reassembly.
  • CNC machined brass..
  • Aligns take down notch.
  • Easy to insert and remove.

Originally introduced as the CDN-2012 June, 2012.
The CDN-2020 is our latest version and the first CDN version to be offered in Delrin plastic as well as brass.

 Captures all spring pressure during disassembly and reassembly, keeping both hands free while removing and reinstalling the slide stop.

Greatly aids in helping prevent scratching of frame and slide.

Detachable wire handle.
The handle can be removed and replaced as desired.
Folks with large fingers will find the handle a big help.

Tool is simply inserted from the underside of the guide rod, slide released under control and the firearm is read for disassembly. Slide will stop at the take down notch position.

In the pictures above you will see the tool has a small rare earth magnet in the slot. The magnet holds the tool in place whenever the tool is not capturing spring pressure, such as when the slide is in  the locked back position. As the tool is being inserted, the magnet will cause the tool to jump into place and self align.

Once reassembly is complete, simply lock back the slide, pull down on the front of the tool and the magnet will release and the tool can be removed.

CNC machined brass is durable and not harmed by solvents.
Wire handle is made of stainless steel spring wire.

Storage tube has bright red square end caps, easy to spot and resists rolling.