Take Down Tool for Kimber's 1911 Ultra Platform (Black Delrin Plastic)

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Notice This is a custom fit tool for Kimber's 1911 Ultra platform. If the word "Ultra" does not appear in the model name stamped on the right hand side of your Kimber's slide, the tool will not work on your Kimber.
If the word "Pro" or "Compact" appears in the model name you will find the tool here.


  • Fits Kimber models were the word "Ultra" appears in the model name stamped on the right side of the slide.
  • Replaces need for Kimber factory wire tool or paper clip.
  • Aligns disassembly notch perfectly.
  • Easy to insert and remove.
  • CNC Machined from acetal copolymer (Delrin) plastic.


If your Kimber model name stamped on the right side of the slide contains the word "Ultra" the tool fits. (*Kimber OEM dual spring guide rod assembly assumed)

Completely self aligning, simple to insert and remove.

2020 model has a wire handle feature that can be removed and replaced as desired.
(The tool is inserted using the wire handle without the need to grasp the tool near the front of the pistol. For folks with large fingers or difficulty working in tight places this is a great aid.)

Storage tube has bright red anti-roll square caps. Resists rolling off bench and easy to spot.

The tool will jump into place while being inserted making this a very simple tool to insert.

The unique open tail design bypasses the inner spring plug and positions the outer spring plug directly aligning the disassembly notch.
Unlike a barrel designed tool, the inner spring plug is not fully compressed allowing some access to the inner spring for flushing and oiling.
Once the rod assembly is out of the firearm, the tool is easily removed using our using the slide as a spring compressor.