Take Down Tool for Springfield 1911 3" Barrel Platform EMP and Micro Compact (Machined Delrin Plastic)

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  • Custom fit tool for the 3" EMP and Micro Compact.
  • Easy to insert and remove.
  • Aligns take down notch.
  • Captures all spring pressure allowing both hands free to remove and replace slide stop.
  • CNC machined Delrin plastic.

Originally released in January, 2012 for the Springfield EMP as the MT-2012.
The MT-2020 is our latest version and the first MT tool to be offered in Delrin plastic as well as brass.

It was given the part designation of MT ( Multi-Tool)  because it can be used on other makes such as the Kimber Ultra, Colt Defender and Colt New Agent. When used on these other 1911s, it does not align the take down notch, but does relieve all spring pressure allowing the slide to be moved into position to align the take down notch still allowing both hands free to remove and replace the slide stop pin.